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U.S. Federal Tax Preparation for Expat

U.S. Federal Tax Preparation for Expat $499


Living abroad brings adventure, but tax season doesn't have to be stressful. Our premium US federal tax return filing service is designed specifically for US expats like you, offering comprehensive support and expert guidance every step of the way.



✓ Tax Return prepared by world-class, expat expert CPA

✓ Form 1040
✓ CPA Consultation

✓ CPA Support 365 days year-round

✓ Form 1040

✓ Sch. B, C, E

✓ Sch. K1

✓ 1 Rental Prop

✓ 30 Interest / brokerage / dividend entries

✓ E-Sign & IRS E-file

✓ FBAR filing for $99



  • Verified - Authorized IRSe-file provider since 2004
  • Certified, world-class expat specialist CPA
  • $0 Penalty Guaranteed / CPA Review - each filing
  • 24/7/365 Professional support / live chat
  • CPA as your account manager
  • Flat Fees & No Surprises
  • Online copies of all your filing

U.S. Federal Tax Preparation for Expat

  • After you checkout, we will send you 2 emails:

    1. Order confirmation- we ask you to review all the order data and confirm it

    2. Request for all the information we need, including: owners information, financials (if needed) and more. 

    At that point you can change any item on your order

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