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The Process of starting your LLC, EIN & Bank Account

What happens after you place your order to start your LLC?

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This is Our legendary process to get your Fully Loaded, Super Power U.S. Company with EIN (Tax ID Number), U.S. Mailing Address & Phone Number and a Guaranteed Bank Account

It all Starts with an Email :)

After you checkout, we will send you 2 emails:
1. Order confirmation- we ask you to review all the order data and confirm it
2. Request for all the information we need, including: 
1. Owners information.
2. Company Name, Entity Type & State.
3. Copy of passport.

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We appoint Registered Agent to your company

A registered agent is an individual or a business whom you designate to receive official documents for your business. These include court papers if your business is sued (what lawyers call "service of process"), business registration renewal notices from the Secretary of State, and tax notices.

We Prepare your Company Formation Application

We prepare a set of documents including: Articles of Organization / Incorporation, Registered Agent Acceptance and any other relevant form required for your company registration with the state.  We forward you the documents (as pdf files) to electronically sign and email back to us. 

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We File The Application with the Relevant State Office and follow-up until we get your company approved.

how long it takes? There are 2 options —

Normal processing:
— Company in 20-30 days / Delaware 90-120 days

Expedite service:
— Company in 24-48 hours / Delaware 72 hours

We Forward you the official company certificate approved by the state with all other legal documents

LLC: Articles and Certificate of Organization, LLC Operating Agreement, Member Certificate, Digital Corporate Seal and more.

Corporation: Articles and Certificate of Incorporation, Corporate Bylaws, Stock Certificate, Digital Corporate Seal and more.

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Writing an application
We Provide your company a U.S. Address and U.S Phone Number

U.S. Mailing Address (12 months). Use it on your website and other official documents.

U.S. Phone Number / VOIP, 3RD PARTY, fees may apply

Congratulation, After this step you are the official owner of Your Own U.S. Approved Company. But wait, there are still 2 more important steps: Getting your EIN (Tax ID Number) and your Bank Account & Debit Card. Lets Continue…

We obtain your EIN from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). 

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number, and it is used to identify a business entity. EIN is issued by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) which is the U.S. Federal Tax Office. The EIN is made up of nine digits and is formatted as XX-XXXXXXX (example: 12-3456789).

Once your EIN is approved by the IRS, We forward you the official EIN Confirmation Letter 

The official EIN confirmation letter is issued by the IRS and list your company name, address and the unique employer identification number assigned to your company. 

Keep this EIN Confirmation Letter with your Corporate Kit. You will need it to be able to open a U.S. Bank Account. 

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Great Job, You are now,  the proud owner of a U.S. Company - with an approved EIN. You can finally go for the Big Prize :) - Open your U.S. Business Bank Account and start doing business.

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Open your U.S. Business Bank Account including online banking & debit card in 7-10 business days

Opening your U.S. Bank Account is probably the most challenging part of the company creation process. Most U.S. banks do not allow non-US-residents to open an account with them due to the lack of social security number, U.S. credit history and U.S. residency address. There is a limited number of banks in the U.S. that do allow non-US-residents to open a business bank account and they all follow a strict KYC / Due Dilligence process in order to approve your bank account application.

How we guarantee your bank account opening (Premium & Total Compliance packages)

1. We Prepare your personal information to comply with the bank's due diligence requirements.

We go over your personal documents and make sure they meet the bank's KYC policy: Valid passport from a non-restricted country, valid proof of address and any other personal document the bank may request based on your individual circumstances.  


2. We Prepare your business information to comply with the bank's due diligence requirements.

We go over the account application with you and make sure all the information listed will get you approved: Company details, owners information, business and industry related isuues and more. 


3. We Prepare your business website to comply with the bank's due diligence requirements.

We go over your business website with you and make sure it has all the "MUST HAVE POLICIES" to comply with the bank's requirements and get you approved: Refund policy, Terms & Conditions Policy, Your Business Contact Policy and other Legal Related Policies. We also check your social media accounts to make sure they do not have any issues to raise a "red flag" with the bank.


4. Once everything is ready we setup a session with you and your banking expert in which you apply to your bank account with our live support.

Apply with live support from your dedicated banking expert who is familiar with your business and will help you to successfully apply for your business bank account and provide the bank all the required information which was already prepared and reviewed by our team.


5. We closley work with you until you get approved and setup your business bank account. 

Our banking experts will continue to support you until the bank will approve your application and you will setup your account. 

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