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Bookkeeping services $999

Remote bookkeeping services for $0.30 per transaction, minimum $399.


Transactions include:

Sales / income Invoices

Expenses invoices

Debit / Credit Notes

Payroll journal

Auto Expenses & Mileage Tracking

Bank and Credit Card Accounts

Chart of Accounts & Sub-accounts

Manual Journals

Reports: Income statement, Balance sheet



How does it work?

Step 1 - You sign up for the service

Step 2 - we email you request for information

Step 3 - you send us via email all of yoru bank statements, invoices, bills, etc..

Step 4 - We send you a quote

Step 5 - you pay the fees

Step 6 - We assign a CPA to be your account manager and supervise the project

Step 7 - We send you questions about any transaction that requires addtional information

Step 8 - We prepare the reports and send you for review

Step 9 - You send us questions / comments

Step 10 - We finalzie the reports based on your comments and send you final version

Bookkeeping services $999

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