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Start your tax filing

Great! we have all the information we need:

You are a: Sole Proprietor

What should you file?

  • Form 1040/1040NR

  • Form 5472

The package you need to order:

Sole Proprietor Tax Filing,


  • Non Active: $399

  • Active: $498

✓ 100% accuracy

✓ No penalty guarantee

✓ Review by tax expert

✓ Life time support

✓ Online forms storage

✓ Digital e-Signature

✓ Live chat support

✓ Email support


You | File online, ontime & with experts
“What a perfect solution. We formed our LLC last year and with the help of we were able to file all of our tax filing for 2021 in less than 20 minutes.”

Simone D., Ginger Tech LLC

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