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The largest online platform for Expat U.S. Tax Preparation and an Authorized IRS e-file provider since 2004.

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Living abroad adds a layer of complexity to your tax obligations, but you don't have to navigate it alone. Our team of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are expat specialists, fluent in the intricacies of US tax law for Americans living overseas. We're not just any CPAs; we're world-class, with extensive experience guiding expats through the unique challenges of foreign income, foreign tax credits, and the ever-changing Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. Whether you're a seasoned expat or just embarking on your international adventure, we have the expertise to ensure your tax return is accurate, compliant, and maximizes your deductions and credits. Don't settle for generic tax advice – trust our expat-specialized CPAs to keep your finances moving smoothly across borders. Contact us today for a personalized consultation and peace of mind wherever you call home.

Certified, world-class expat specialist CPA

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March 15, 2024

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"Our team of tax experts will make sure that your filing is done on time, accurately and in compliance with the U.S. tax code, and we guarantee, that you will not be subject to any penalties."

Arik Rozen, CPA



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Tax Return prepared by world-class, expat expert CPA

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US Federal Returns

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✓ Navigate past tax filing missed with our streamlined procedure, ensuring penalty-free compliance and restoring your financial peace of mind.

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FBAR Reporting

Streamline your FBAR compliance with expert filing 

✓ Form 114

✓ Streamline your FBAR compliance with expert filing for up to 10 accounts, ensuring accurate reporting on foreign financial assets exceeding $10,000.

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TAX USA : Authorized IRS e-file provider since 2004

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Established in 2004.


TAXUSA Group has helped over 200,000 founders, business owners and tax payers during the last 18 years with incorporation, banking solutions, tax filing and tax strategy planning. 

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An expat living abroad has two key factors to consider when filing their 1040:

An expat living abroad has two key factors to consider when filing their 1040:

1. Regular Filing Deadline:

  • Calendar year taxpayers: If you follow the calendar year (January - December), the regular deadline to file your 1040 is April 15th of the following year.

2. Automatic Extension for Expats:

  • As a US citizen or resident alien living abroad, you automatically qualify for a two-month extension to file your 1040. This means your new deadline becomes June 15th.

Therefore, for an expat living abroad, the deadline to file their 1040 is typically June 15th unless extended further.

Additional Notes:

  • Payment of any taxes owed remains due on the original April 15th deadline, even if your filing deadline is extended.

  • For fiscal year taxpayers (year ending on a different date), the due date is 3 months and 15 days after the close of your fiscal year.

  • You can request a further extension beyond June 15th by filing Form 4868, but this requires justification and specific reasons.


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Taktusa LLC (Mexico) 

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Great service!

The service we received was impressive, fast, accurate and definitely we will use them again.

Fully recommended!

Date of experience: October 03, 2022

Avatar 90

Jose Ramon del Rio Rivero (Mexico) Review of Form5472


Great Service

The Form 5472 team represents among the highest levels of customer service I have experienced. Information was accurate, responses to queries were turned around very fast and always clear and where necessary detailed enough for us to understand US Complex Tax word.

Date of experience: October 11, 2022

Avatar 83

Rana Rony (Egypt)

Review of Form5472


What a great website

What a great website. Last week i used it for filing US tax .I filled a Tax form 1120 or form 5472 or form 1040NR and form 1065. Customer service is good. It isEasy and quick Tax form filing.

Date of experience: August 30, 2022

Avatar 110

Teobaldo Da COsta Filho (Brazil) Review of Form5472


I have dual citizenship

I have dual citizenship, and I recently had to fill out tax forms 1120, 5472. Anyway, on Form5472 I did all the procedure in a practical and fast way!! The service was very clear and dynamic, in addition to being an excellent service, I had the comfort of doing everything, without queues, without stress!! I highly recommend it to everyone who lives in the US and needs to do this procedure!!

Date of experience: August 04, 2022

Avatar 89

sani jemak (Nigeria)

Review of Form5472


We were looking for a cost effective…

We were looking for a cost effective 1099 filing service and I am so happy we found Form5472. This company is exactly what we needed for our multi company filing and they made everything so easy. I was able to get 2 companies 1099's filled in and ready for them to take over in a matter of an hour. Great, great service, thank you so much for everything.

Date of experience: August 05, 2022

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“What a perfect solution. We formed our LLC last year and with the help of we were able to file all of our tax filing for 2021 in less than 20 minutes.”

Simone D., Ginger Tech LLC